Super Talent 16GB Pico Flash Drive Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

In the past, really small USB flash drives have had to make compromises on performance to fit everything in such a small form-factor. I’m pleased to say that the Super Talent Pico 16GB doesn’t suffer from these drawbacks and offers great read and write performance. When you consider how small the drive is, this is even more impressive.

The price is also pretty reasonable for the amount of storage you get; at the time of writing, you can find this drive online for $45.99. If the exposed contacts on this version make you a little worried, then you can check out one of the other 4 versions of the Pico drives that Super Talent offers (several of which have retracting contacts).

Super Talent Pico 16GB Front

If you are thinking about buying this model Pico for its looks alone, then be warned that most USB ports have a tendency to scratch the back of the drive and the gold contacts on the front. You can see on the picture below that even after a couple of uses it’s started to scuff, and over the time I’ve been using it for this review those scuffs have gotten longer and more pronounced. The scratches haven’t broken the surface of the Pico’s finish, but if you like your shiny things to be un-marred then it’s something to consider. The Pico drives with retractable contacts might be better at keeping their image untarnished.

Super Talent Pico 16GB Back

While write speeds might be average, read speeds and its diminutive size are what make the Pico drive attractive, and all in all I’d happily recommend the Super Talent Pico flash drive to anyone who needs a high capacity flash drive that takes up practically no space at all.


Legit Bottom Line: The Super Talent Pico 16GB USB flash drive packs 16GB into a ridiculously tiny form factor. Its write speeds might not be anything out of the ordinary, but its read speeds and diminutive size are what set it apart from the competition.

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