Super Mario Odyssey DLC Launches

Super Mario Odyssey fans have a new DLC that can be downloaded now. The new update landed early this morning for gamers and adds the Luigi’s Balloon World minigame. The only catch is that the new mode can only be played after finishing the main story.

Along with that Balloon World minigame, the DLC also brings with it new outfits for Mario and a pair of new filters for snapshot mode. The filters include a neon filter and a new coin filter.

Three new outfits are also added with Musician Hat & Outfit that looks more like a prohibition-era gangster to me. Another outfit is the Sunshine Shades& Outfit that looks beachy. Mario can also dress in a suit of armor and helmet.

Some gamers were a bit riled that the update landed at 12 am in the morning. Cleary some folks couldn’t wait to play the new DLC making sleep optional. This is a free download.