Steve Wozniak Interviewed About Megaupload Scandal and Internet Freedom

Russia Today has interviewed Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak who he had some interesting things to say about internet freedoms and how they are being eroded. He discussed the ongoing scandal that is the Megaupload takedown, saying that the charges against its founder, Kim Dotcom, were phony. Charges such as racketeering and copyright violations, among other things.

He said that the gatekeepers of the internet are slowly but surely closing down the openness of the internet to protect the government and other powerful interests. One way this will happen is to curb who can say what to whom on social networking sites.

Wozniak said that it would be best if the internet were considered as its own country, not subject to the laws of any one state, perhaps with its own government. He also believed in free speech, but only up to a certain point and thought that government regulation to maintain net neutrality was a good thing. Wozniak has also founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) which campaigns and fights for online civil liberties. It’s great to see that not all successful and rich people are greedy suits, isn’t it?


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