Stem TimeCommand Audio Alarm Dock for iOS Devices Review

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TimeCommand is Not Your Average Alarm Clock

When we ran across the Stem TimeCom­mand iPod, iPhone and iPad App-Enhanced audio alarm clock we stopped everything and requested a sample to take a look at this engineering marvel. Apple iOS audio-capable docks are a dime a dozen these days, but this solution is a little different than most.  The folks at Stem created the TimeCommand to do it all, but the main focus of this product is alarm func­tion­al­i­ty. Most of the iOS alarm docks that we have used don’t uti­lize the alarms that you’ve set on your iPhone or iOS device. The TimeCommand is different as it transfers your set­tings both from clock-to-app and from app-to-clock, and set­ting the time cor­rect­ly as well for one less thing you need to wor­ry about.

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The product that we are taking a closer look at today is the original TimeCommand that carries an MSRP of $99.95. While that price might sound a bit steep, you get what you pay for and this time around it is functionality. The features of the TimeCommand are extensive:

  • App-enhanced, customizable dual alarm clock with Nap/Snooze/Sleep controls
  • Bedside lamp control with dimming
  • Stereo Speakers with Sonic IQ acoustic system
  • iPhone, iPod, iPad stereo dock with charger
  • Fully dimmable LED display
  • SafeWake Battery Backup
  • Enhanced Features with free App
Stem Time Command Box Back

The Stem TimeCommand comes in a very nice looking, full color retail box that clearly shows what the product is along with all the features. The one thing we didn’t see mentioned on the outside of the box that we always like to see is the warranty. After reading the owners manual we discovered that the period of coverage for the TimeCommand is just 90 days.  Not the longest of warranties and likely one of the reasons it’s not on the box cover.

Stem Time Command Box Back

Opening up the retail box we found the Stem TimeCommand was covered in protective film and packed safely in a Styrofoam.  The Styrofoam managed to ‘cling’ to everything and if you look closely at the power cable you’ll see that Styrofoam was stuck to it and it had to be scraped off. Notice that the TimeCommand’s wall plug has a side outlet that lets you connect your two prong bedside lamp that you would like to take control of using the TimeCommand. If you’re using an incandescent light bulb, you will be able to fully control and adjust your lamp’s light intensity levels using the Stem:Connect App. There’s also a dedicated lamp button on the top of TimeCommand that lets you switch your lamp on and off very easily.

Stem Time Command Box Back

With everything pulled out of the retail box you can see that it comes with the power cable, instructions, some rubber pads for iPad users and the TimeCommand itself. Most audio charging stations that we have seen for the iPhone/iPod have a sunken cradle down area for the device to sit down into. The Stem TimeCommand doesn’t have this, so you can fit the original Apple iPad or the newer iPad 2 easily on this device. The pads are applied on the corners of the TimeCommand so the iPad can sit flat and with support, so that all the wait isn’t on just the dock connector.

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