SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse Review – Legendary Edition

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Final Thoughts on the WoW: Legendary Edition

We only found a couple of drawbacks to this mouse. One is the fact that if you’re a left handed player, this is not a mouse you will be able to enjoy. This isn’t a huge problem since only about 10% of people are left-handed. The second drawback is the 11th button. The button takes a bit of practice to click it efficiently and will probably take a bit getting used to for most players. However, training the body to do something that it’s not used to doing is always a good thing. It helps keep us sharp!  The last drawback is that that World of Warcraft has been out since November 2, 2004. We just wish we could have had this product sooner!

SteelSeries WoW MMO Gaming Mouse

We have recently been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and we were very happy when we were able to bind all of the buttons on the mouse to various actions in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We found it especially useful to be able to bind our companion actions to the mouse buttons. The default key binds for the companions aren’t very accessible and using the mouse for these actions really made the game play of Star Wars: The Old Republic more fluid.

Star Wars The Old Republic

After playing many hours of World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic with the SteelSeries MMO Mouse: [Legendary] Edition, we were very happy with the thought and effort Blizzard Entertainment and SteelSeries put into this product. The performance was better than any other gaming mouse we have used before. The ability to configure the mouse to our desired specifications was very easy and intuitive.  On top of being very easy to configure, the mouse was also very comfortable to use over hours of non-stop gaming. The in-game and standalone configuration software are some of the best we have ever used. The response and settings gave us the configurability that we needed as gamers to help us maximize our gameplay. The width, shape, and weight are perfectly balanced. The mouse is very solid yet moves very smoothly with little effort.

The SteelSeries third generation MMO Gaming Mouse: Legendary Edition
proved to be a great gaming mouse that gave us that edge needed when
gaming in a competitive environment.  The mouse felt solid and well
built that one comes to expect from a mice of this caliber and a company
like SteelSeries.  SteelSeries has continued to improve upon the previous generations of their MMO gaming mice and the MMO Mouse ‘Legendary Edition’ is the best yet. The mouse works great with World of Warcraft as well as Star Wars: The Old Republic. The SteelSeries MMO Gaming Mouse ‘Legendary Edition’ retails for $79.99 and should be on the list of mice to consider for any MMO gamer looking for a new mouse or hardware that will give them the upper edge on the competition.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Legit Bottom Line: The SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Legendary Edition mouse is very configurable and provides options to fit just about any gaming style. If you like comfort and functionality combined with some WoW bling, then this is the mouse for you.

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