Steelseries Siberia V2 Frost USB-Powered Headset Review

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SteelSeries Engine – Configuration

After the software is installed, the SteelSeries Engine is ready for configuration.  Once the headset is plugged in, the configuration screen is available to make the Siberia V2 headset look the way you want.

The first configuration option is the equalizer.  Under the tab there are various presets that can be set to get the best quality sound for your particular game or music selection.  Performance seemed like it had the best mix of sounds, but for those hi-tech audio guru’s, there is the ability to set your own custom presets.

Under the Illumination box is the ability to set the intensity of the blue LED’s on the headset.  You can choose off, low, medium and high.  We think that high gives the headset the best possible look, but that’s just our opinion.

The other option under Illumination is Pulsation.  This setting sets the pulse feature of the LED’s.  The options range from steady, slow, medium, fast and trigger.  Trigger uses the sound coming into the headset to create a random pulse which looks pretty cool.

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