Stanford Researchers Find “Holy Grail” in New Battery Design 

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Researchers at Stanford University have reported that they have made tremendous strides in accomplishing something that engineers and scientists have trying to achieve in many decades of work – a pure lithium anode.  Yes, we already have Lithium Ion batteries, but since these are not pure lithium, there is still more efficiency to be found. Li-metal-battery-electrodes-nnano-2-300m A totally pure lithium battery would give a significant improvement in performance and efficiency.  You would get more power per volume and weight that equates to smaller batteries with significantly more power.


Yi Cui, the Stanford professor who lead the team of material scientists and engineers, designed a protective layer of interconnected domes made out of carbon on their pure lithium anode for rechargeable batteries.  Using this method, the researchers have built a lithium compound that outperforms all previous designs. lithium-anode-stanford-348x196There is still some tweaking to be made, but the researchers are confident in the design and think that it will directly lead to advances in mobile platforms that will have up to three-to-four-times the battery life of current devices.  Imagine an electric car with a 300 mile range that only costs $25,000.  The day might not be too far off!