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Justin West’s Thoughts:

After being a hardware reviewer for over 2 years now, I must say that we get a bit spoiled by being able to experience the newest technology in computers as soon as it is released and often before it even hits the market. By taking the time to go out and support a local LAN, and gathering some valuable statistics, we now have a better idea of how we can serve our readers. We know that many of our local readers are perfect candidates for the mainstream market, while there are still a few that have the funds to grab the latest technology. I also think many companies we work with will find the information we gathered very valuable, as it will help them know what the mid-west PC market is like.

Nathan and I both started out as gamers and really had a nice time visiting with those in attendance. We answered a lot of questions but mainly just had some great conversation while we hung out and watched the gamers compete for a grand total of $500 in prise money!

Nathan Kirsch’s Thoughts:

After running LAN parties in Missouri 4+ years ago it is good to see that others in the area have started and have a great following.  The setting for the first Warfactory LAN of 2005 was at the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) in what most would consider the Student Union building on campus.  The room included some awesome art decor as seen above and allowed for a unique LAN party expierence.  Expect us to be back at the next Warfactory LAN and maybe next time we will be on hand to conduct a hardware workshop and bring in more sponsors to make the event better.  The demographics show that the midwest is full of gamers, but for some reason there are not many bigger LAN’s in the area! 

Legit Bottom Line:

This article is dedicated to encouraging everyone to support their local LANs; especially in our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri! If you are going to be putting on a local LAN Party, drop us a line, if we’re free, we may just FRAG-in!

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