SSD Prices Show Steady Decline

In what must make enthusiasts the world over happy, SSD prices are continuing to decline at a blistering rate. An article posted by The Tech Report has compared various brands and their prices from March 2011 to Jun 2012 and one thing was made abundantly clear: prices on high capacity SSDs have never been better. A few brands that have seen the largest drop in price include Intel’s 520 series, Corsair’s Force Series GT, Crucial M4 and more. The biggest price drops were seen on SSD’s in the 240-256 GB range where Intel’s 520 Series 240GB dropped from well over $500 down to $330 which brought it down to a $1.39 per GB. The Corsair Force Series GT 240GB also saw a rapid decline in price going from just under $500 at launch to just $229 today on Newegg. That price drop has brought the mighty fast Corsair SSD down to an amazing $0.95 per GB. Finally the Crucial M4 has become the SSD to have when it comes to cost per GB at just $0.82 due to the fact it has dropped from over $500 down to just $209. It’s amazing to see that for many SSDs on the market prices have dropped by nearly half in the last 6-7 months alone. Take a look via the source linked below to see just how much the prices on your favorite SSDs have dropped since early last year.

SSD Cost Per GB

To get a better sense of the SSD picture, we’ve analyzed a mountain of pricing information dating from early 2011 to Tuesday. The folks at Camelegg graciously provided the data, which we’ve sliced, diced, and compiled in pretty graphs. Camelegg tracks prices at Newegg, which should give us a good sense of what’s going on in the overall market.


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