SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth Headset Review

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SH241 Final Thoughts

SouthWing SH241

With more and more legislation being adopted across the U.S. mandating hands-free driving, it is getting more and more important for users to own some form of wired or wireless headset.  At a MSRP of $40, SouthWing and AT&T are specifically targeting those who purchase devices like Apple’s iPhone, which are exclusive to AT&T, and their users who want a feature-rich Bluetooth mobile headset.

SouthWing’s SH241 certainly sets itself above the rest of headset that are similar in cost.  With a slightly longer battery life and lighter frame than the Motorola H680 the SH241 is packed with features from the SouthWing Push4 Button, Bluetooth 2.0 support, Voice Menu, and Auto Call Pick-Up.  The problem is that even at 10 grams, the headset isn’t the most comfortable to wear.  With the earbud well down the ear canal, we had no problem hearing any conversation – even on a noisy street.  This is mainly why the headset has been rated Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC).

SouthWing SH241 Plug

SouthWing and AT&T are being very smart in the way they are introducing this headset to the market.  For all intents and purposes, the SH241 does many things right and people will be drawn to its rich feature set and low price.  When you walk into a AT&T store and purchase an iPhone, Blackberry, or Treo device, the last thing many users want to do is pay another $100 for an “exotic” wireless headset. 

Even though this headset is not in the same class as the Jawbone or even the Motorola we have reviewed in the past, by offering instant rebates and discounts to users AT&T can offer the SouthWing SH241 for around $20 which makes purchasing this headset much more tolerable.

SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth Headset

Legit Bottom Line:

The SouthWing SH241 is one of the best “low price” headsets we have tested.  You can find the SH241 at AT&T Stores right now for less than $20 so if you are looking for an affordable and functional Bluetooth headset, look no further.

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