SouthWing SF605 Bluetooth Car Kit Review

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Performance & Legit Bottom Line

SouthWing SF605

I must admit, the SouthWing SF605 will look good in any automobile.  It is razor-thin and clad in black with a hint of chrome that will help modernize your car.  The designers did a really good job of making this one of the most attractive car kits on the market.

SouthWing SF605

We found that the volume of the speaker wasn’t as loud as the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 and the voice quality while on a phone call was only partially better than the built-in speakerphone on our mobile devices. Incoming and outgoing phone calls are registered quickly with an audible tone and flashing LED which was much appreciated, but our callers complained that there was a hint of “metallic” in our conversations. This, to me, indicates the DSP was struggling to do its job if filtering out noise and compensating for voice quality.

SouthWing SF605 Charging

Battery-life was indeed hella-long. We found that the 9 days standby time that SouthWing advertises is certainly not an exaggeration.  We went an entire work week commuting with the SF605 and didn’t even get one low battery warning. 

SouthWing SF605 Speaker

As nice as the SF605 is to look at on your visor, if you own a convertible or even like to have your moon-roof open, you might want to consider a different product.  The speaker just did not put out that much sound and even when the windows were up and the radio was down, I still felt myself straining to hear my conversations.

For a street price of around $80, we would’ve wanted a bit more performance out of the SouthWing Car Kit.  The speaker volume was just too low (unless you drive a late model Mercedes with a whisper-quiet engine) and really, the DSP embedded in the SF605 really let us down.

SouthWing SF605 with BlueAnt Supertooth 3


Legit Bottom Line:

While the $80 SouthWing SF605 Bluetooth Car Kit is certainly one of the best looking units we have reviewed, its performance let us down with underachieving voice quality and speaker volume.

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