Sony HBH-662 Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review

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Final Thoughts

The only time I got static on the phone was when I walked away from the phone while still talking on the headset.  I believe the standard was set with the Motorola HS-850 being able to function 20 feet away.  The Sony Ericsson is at least as good as the HS-850 and maybe even better.  Bluetooth technology is amazing!

The Sony Ericsson Akono HBH-662 is comfortable enough to wear for long period of time without great fatigue on your ear.  While not as light as the Motorola HS-850 ? most likely due to the LCD and slightly longer boom, the fit from the Sony Ericsson is more snug ? which I liked.  I never got the feeling that the headset would fall off at some point.  When the HBH-662 was placed on the ear, it stayed on. 

Sony HBH-662 Battery Display

A typical charge for a depleted HBH-662 battery is around 2 hours.  What is very nice is that there is no more guessing to see how much talk time or battery life you have.  Just look at the battery indicator.  You can easily get a work day?s worth of talk time with the Sony Ericsson.  With light to moderate use, one can go for a couple of days between recharges.

The Sony HBH-662 Being Used

Ken?s Thoughts:

For those looking for the perfect Bluetooth headset for your finicky Treo 650, look no further – the Sony Ericsson Akono HBH-662 is the headset for you.  Working equally as well with either the Treo 650 or Motorola RAZR V3, the HBH-662 picks up and transfers calls very quickly and has a very long range in which it functions.  The caller-ID window is a nice touch and can be quite handy.  Sound volume was nothing spectacular, but for me, the functionality of the set far outweighs the average sound volume.

In terms of pricing the Sony HBH-662 is priced just over $70, which makes it affordable for the majority of Bluetooth headset users.  With a clean simple look and features that make life easier we find it hard not to like!

The Legit Bottom Line:

The Sony Ericsson Akono HBH-662 is an excellent Bluetooth headset that performs great with a variety of cell phones including the picky Treo 650.  The speaker could be louder, but having an LCD with caller-ID and battery strength indication are features that distance this headset from others on the market.

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