Skyrim in VR – Cyberith Virtualizer + Oculus Rift + Wii Mote


A company called Cyberith has created a devise that they call the ‘Virtualizer’.  While the name of both the device and the company is not exactly something to write home about, the technology that they have put together, certainly is.

This is a self-described company who, like many others, are trying to break into the illusive area of total game immersion.  And so far, it seems that they have come awfully close.  The technology they have used is actually an amalgam of  multiple already existing technologies and a bit of ingenuity as well.

It uses a combination of an omni-direction treadmill with an integrated sensor system, the Oculus Rift as the VR mechanism and in some cases the use of a Wii remote to handle certain hand movements.  The result is a rather spectacular mix of immersion that you can see in the video here.


As you can see, the result is an incredibly immersive experience that to date, I have not seen anything like.  Like all attempts at virtual reality there is a slight delay and a few kinks here and there, but overall the experience seems remarkable.

Beyond just the amazing collection of immersion based work they have put in, they also might have cracked the code of gamers being labeled as fat or sedentary since this device seems like one hell of a cardio experience.  However, it the lazy stereotype might get replaced with looking like a dork.