Skyrim v1.6 Update To Add Mounted Combat

Fans of Skyrim have been clamouring for the ability to fight while mounted sat atop a horse and Bethesda Game Studios have listened to them. This means that the upcoming version 1.6 patch will add the feature, for free. It’s not clear when it’s going to be released, “As far as release on other platforms, we’ll let you know when we have more information”, so console gamers have an indeterminate wait, but the beta version of this patch is available right now on Steam for PC gamers. To get it, simply configure the Steam client to opt in to running beta clients and the game will auto-update.

There’s a whole slew of fixes too of course, including things like fixing a crash with summoned creatures/NPCs, a crash with lighting, AI pathfinding optimizations and general stability and memory optimizations among many more.


  • Log into Steam
  • Click on Steam in the upper menu
  • Select Settings
  • Under the Account tab, go to the Beta Participation section and select Change.
  • A drop down menu will appear. Select Skyrim Beta.
  • Select OK.
  • Steam will now restart. After Steam restarts, Skyrim will be updated to the Beta version currently available.

If you opt into the Beta, be sure to back up your saved games or simply be careful not to overwrite your existing saves. If you decide to opt out of the beta program, your old saves will still work with the current release of Skyrim on Steam (v 1.5).

If you decide you don’t want to run the Beta anymore, redo steps 1 – 4. At the drop down, select NONE – Opt out of all beta programs. Let Steam restart, and Skyrim will automatically update itself back to the latest released version.

To provide feedback on the beta update, use our beta forum.


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