Silverstone Strider Essential & Strider Plus 500W Power Supply Review

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Testing results (Regulation & Ripple)





The electrical performance of the Silverstone Strider Essential 500W power supply is nothing more than acceptable. Voltage regulation is fair, at about 3% for the minor lines and 3.6% on the 12V line, significantly better than the 5% design limit. Ripple suppression however is nothing more than adequate, with our instruments displaying a ripple of 96mV on the 12V line and 44mV on the 5V line under maximum load, figures quite close to the 120mV and 50mV design limit respectively.



Although not astonishing if compared to that of high-end products, the electrical performance of the Silverstone Strider Plus 500W power supply is significantly better than that of the essential version. Voltage regulation remains mediocre, at about 3.4% for the 12V and 5V lines and 4.6% for the 3.3V line. However, ripple suppression is much better, sporting a reduction of about 30% across the entire power range for the 5V and 12V lines. The maximum recorded ripple was 62mv and 30mv for the 12V and 5V lines respectively.

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