SilverStone Raven RVS02 External USB 3.0 HDD / SSD Enclosure Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions of the SilverStone SST-RVS02



Portability and functionality are the cornerstones of any competent external hard drive enclosure. In the case of 2.5″ enclosures, the ante couldn’t be higher: road warriors and enthusiasts alike demand the most from their mobile data needs, and the requirements that an external enclosure must meet are far more stringent than, say, a 3.5″ enclosure. Relegated to sitting beside a desktop PC, the 3.5″ enclosure is forever a slave to its AC adapter plugged into a nearby wall outlet.

So what must be done to make the ideal 2.5″ external enclosure? A small form factor is a must, of course, as well as offering lightweight construction. What about the data interface? In an age where enthusiasts are taking more of their music, movies, photos and other media wherever they go, a fast and universally accepted transfer specification is a must. Ever mindful, SilverStone has produced the SST-RVS02, a USB 3.0 capable enclosure that fits the needs of the busy enthusiast.

Besides being portable, lightweight and boasting SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity, the SST-RVS02 also extols tool-less installation and a carbon fiber outer shell. Although imitation, the carbon fiber only serves to heighten the cool factor of the SST-RVS02. And while this enclosure is not nearly large enough for an active cooling solution, the fact that SilverStone allowed cutouts for passive cooling duties in the body of the enclosure is a major plus.

I did encounter a few issues with the SST-RVS02, however. I’d like to see padding inside the storage area to prevent hard drives from rattling around, and non-skid rubber pads on the bottom of the unit would go a long way in preventing the enclosure from sliding off surfaces. I also felt that the SST-RVS02 should have included a protective carrying pouch, like the SST-RVS01, and the fact that the SST-RVS02 does not support 12.5mm thick storage drives is a curious omission.

Overall, I found the SST-RVS02 to be a good 2.5″ external enclosure. The fact that it incorporates innovative features such as tool-less hard drive installation and carbon fiber decorative molding, one can quickly see the SST-RVS02 becoming a favorite among enthusiasts. It’s reasonably priced too, and for $25.99 at Amazon with a 1-year warranty from SilverStone, you really can’t go wrong with this USB 3.0 capable 2.5″ external enclosure.

Legit Bottom Line: The SilverStone SST-RVS02 is a solid choice for enthusiasts that are always on the move. Lightweight and portable, the SST-RVS02 offers USB 3.0 connectivity and tool-less installation for under $30.00.

SilverStone SST-RVS02 Test System
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