SilverStone Precision PS06 PC Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

SilverStone Precision PS06 Case with System

In the burgeoning market of affordable PC cases, it’s nice to see companies begin to break away from the mold of what has become acceptable for sub-$100 enclosures: mid-ATX tower, paint it black, slap a side panel window on it and market it as the next evolution in PC enclosures. While this may work for the majority of case manufacturers, this does not work for a majority of enthusiasts. Enthusiasts want well-built PC chassis solutions that are as individual as they are, an affordable enclosure that sets their computer apart from the pack.

While SilverStone’s Precision Series is already geared for gamers expecting high-value PC cases at a decent price, the SST-PS06B-W literally makes the industry stand on its head and take notice. The SST-PS06B-W, while a mid-ATX enclosure, is painted black and does have a side panel window, incorporates many useful features that separate it from those that simply pump out more of the same. Meeting a price point that enthusiasts can afford while implementing new features is no easy task, yet it is a task that SilverStone took on with great results.

The list of things to like about the SST-PS06B-W is long. I simply love the new styling that SilverStone uses in this case. No other case in SilverStone’s entire lineup offers such an edgy and unique exterior; it practically reinvents what can be done with tasteful art design and a little creativity. The hot swap bay is a terrific inclusion as is the USB 3.0 ports; the SST-AP181 intake fan is just icing on the cake, a calculated design decision on SilverStone’s part since this fan alone retails for $23.99 at Newegg. How they managed to kept the SST-PS06B-W under $100 is a mystery.

Drawbacks are few. I would have liked to see padding for the power supply mounting area and efforts to include anti-vibration mounting points for 2.5” storage drives. The lack of a transfer bracket or the option to install a 3.5” external bay device without sacrificing the hot swap bay would have been nice as well. And while not exactly a deal breaker, ensuring that some kind of anti-chafing material was used for the water cooling and motherboard tray cutouts as well as increasing the length of the I/O wiring wouldn’t have hurt either.

All in all, SilverStone has accomplished what it set out to do. In many ways, I feel that the SST-PS06B-W has reinvigorated the Precision Series lineup, infusing it with excitement and a sense of, “what will they think of next”?! While you can’t have everything in a budget-themed chassis, SilverStone’s SST-PS06B-W certainly gets close. With a 1-year warranty against workmanship and defects, the SST-PS06B-W currently retails for $84.99 plus $19.99 shipping at Newegg with a mail-in rebate or $99.00 shipped from

Legit Reviews Value Award

Legit Bottom Line: The SilverStone SST-PS06B-W represents a terrific value at an affordable price point. Matched with great looks and powerful cooling options, the SST-PS06B-W is a no-brainer for the penny-pinching enthusiast!

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