SilverStone Precision PS06 PC Case Review

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Installing Hardware Into The Precision PS06

SilverStone Precision PS06 Case with System

Building a system in the SST-PS06B-W was a cake and pie affair: installing parts in the enclosure was a piece of cake, and neatly wiring everything up was as easy as pie. Interior room was plentiful and all components fit easily. Component installation was speedy through the use of the integrated motherboard standoffs and the tool-less nature of the 5.25” external bays and removable hard drive trays. Total build time took approximately 30 minutes, which included wire management and general housekeeping within the chassis to make it look nice.

With the help of the motherboard cutouts, wire management was a breeze and with a few twist clips, the end result looks pretty good. In addition, I came out of the build phase unscathed, with nary a scratch or cut from sharp edges within the chassis. Silverstone did a good job ensuring that the edges in the SST-PS06B-W were taken care of. Some points of improvement would be to lengthen the USB and audio cables as they were barely long enough to reach their intended destinations, and to allow for more room behind the motherboard tray to stash extra wiring.

SilverStone Precision PS06 Case with System

With the side panel installed on the SST-PS06B-W, enthusiasts are in for a treat. As mentioned earlier, the windowed side panel truly offers an expansive view into the bowels of the chassis. Couple the view with added lighting effects, and enthusiasts will have an enclosure for the ages. The large windowed side panel with full lighting will no doubt make it a sight to see at your next LAN event. Portability is also important, and the weight of the chassis isn’t too bad. While the case weighs in at just shy of 20 pounds empty, a full build will be around 35 pounds.

For those keeping score at home, PC component limitations are as follows:

  • Maximum length of videocards: 12.2”
  • Maximum height of CPU coolers: 7.02”
  • Maximum length of PSU: Unlimited; approximately 7” with optional 120mm fan installed
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