SilverStone Precision PS06 PC Case Review

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Interior Thoughts On The PS06B-W

SilverStone Precision PS06 Inside Layout

With the side panel of the SST-PS06B-W removed, we are greeted by an expansive interior that is painted entirely in a flat black. This enclosure does not include a removable motherboard tray, a luxury in higher priced chassis options. The interior construction of the SST-PS06B-W is very good. There were no loose rivets and all joints were solid with zero gaps. Like all Silverstone cases, metal edges were rounded off, rolled or milled down. This attention to detail is welcome as it prevents knuckles and fingers from being cut when installing a system in this chassis.

SilverStone Precision PS06 Back Layout

Looking at the backside of the SST-PS06B-W, we can see that Silverstone understands the importance of cable management as several large cutouts in the motherboard tray are evident. These cutouts, while not rimmed in a chafe-resistant material, allow wire management opportunities to be employed. For enthusiasts without the benefit of modular power supplies, extra cabling and wiring can be stuffed behind the motherboard. There is approximately 1/2” between the left side panel and the motherboard tray for this purpose.

SilverStone Precision PS06 Motherboard Area

The SST-PS06B-W supports Micro ATX, CEB and standard ATX motherboards up to 10.6” in width. A large cutout in the tray offers enthusiasts the convenience of changing out their processors or CPU cooling solutions without having to remove the motherboard from the chassis. The SST-PS06B-W incorporates seven integrated standoffs in the tray, leaving the user to install the final brass motherboard standoffs based on the type of motherboard they are using. The maximum videocard length that can be installed in the SST-PS06B-W is 12.2”.

SilverStone Precision PS06 PSU Area

Power supplies in the SST-PS06B-W are installed at the bottom of the chassis. A movable bracket is used to support the PSU, and can handle even the longest power supplies available. While this bracket is not padded and may induce vibration from the power supply, purchasing foam or other material at a local hardware store is a viable solution to a potential problem.

To the right of the power supply mounting area is a place to install an optional 120mm intake fan. Spanning the length of both the power supply and the 120mm fan area is a removable dust filter. This filter is washable and is removed at the rear of the chassis using the provided latch.

Enthusiasts wishing to install the optional 120mm fan will want to ensure that their power supply does not exceed 7” in length. Any longer, and the power supply will likely overlap the fan mounting area, making the installation of a 120mm intake fan impossible.

SilverStone Precision PS06 PCI Slots

As mentioned earlier, the SST-PS06B-W incorporates eight PCI slots into its design, with each slot being covered by a reusable bracket. Each bracket is ported, allowing additional airflow to circulate. While the SST-PS06B-W is not a 100% tool-less chassis, the eight thumbscrews which hold PCI devices in place do a good job. The thumbscrews represent a compromise of sorts between plastic latch systems and regular screws. To the left of the PCI area is a honeycombed area designed for additional airflow within the enclosure.

SilverStone Precision PS06 PCI Slots

While the SST-PS06B-W comes stocked with two cooling fans, an optional 120mm rear exhaust fan can be installed as well. The installation of this fan requires no screws as it simply snaps into a plastic bracket. Looking further into the SST-PS06B-W, we can see the SST-AP181 fan. This fan is the driving force behind this enclosure’s use of positive air pressure to cool components, that is, more cool air being drawn into the chassis than hot air is being expelled. A nice whitepaper on positive versus negative air pressure within an enclosure can be read HERE.

A cornerstone of the SST-AP181, aside from its ability to direct air in a column thereby pushing air through PC components and cabling and not just around them, is that it offers exceptional static pressure. At 2.45mm H2O, this fan represents one of the highest static pressure fans available on the market. This is important as it has the ability to maintain its rated airflow regardless of obstructions such as CPU coolers or PCI devices that are placed in front of it. This high static pressure aids in more efficient and effective cooling within the chassis.

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