SilverStone HDDBoost – Use an SSD To Improve Your HDD Performance

SilverStone has silently launched a new product called the HDDBOOST that caught our attention this week. The device itself is just a simple 3.5-inch chassis that fits in your desktops drive bay that allows you to lets you plug in any SDD drive your heat desires and then to any standard SATA hard drive. Once these have been linked together you connect the HDDBoost to your motherboard with a second SATA cable and you have a daisy chain storage drive that has better performance than your typical hard drive. SilverStone says that the HDDBoost can improve performance by as much as 70% and that you don’t even have to re-install the OS. Not bad for those that want to improve system performance and don’t want to mess with re-installing the OS. Rumor has it that these will be available in Europe later this month for around $45.

SilverStone HDDBoost

HDDBOOST is a unique product that combines the best qualities of traditional hard drive and solid state disk (SSD) into one virtual super storage solution. Depending on the speed of the SSD added, the HDDBOOST can increase the performance of an existing host hard drive up to 70%! This speed increase is very noticeable and significant for any PC users that have not experienced using SSD drives before. For those who are not ready to compromise on storage capacity and reliability for speed, HDDBOOST will enable SSD speed on its host hard drive and reduce the write times to SSD’s more fragile flash-based storage system, thus extending its effective lifetime.


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