SilverStone HDDBOOST Review

Silverstone’s HDDBOOST is a cool little accessory that makes upgrading your hard drive incredibly easy- all you have to do is buy a SSD, plug in an additional SATA cable and after it syncs by itself you have boot times close to the SSD’s performance. Read on to see more about this little $45 part and decide if this is the right storage upgrade path for you!

The SilverStone HDDBOOST

Basically, once you plug in the HDDBOOST it begins to copy the windows files from the HDD already installed. Then, once it is set up and fully mirrored, at boot the operating system runs from just the SSD instead of the HDD, resulting in significantly faster boot times without having to reinstall your current OS or having to worry about partitions or secondary installation locations. Everything is done on the HDD and then copied to the SSD (which becomes a single entity) with the ability to remove the HDDBOOST at any time to revert back to the HDD as a boot disk. The ease of use factor here is huge because you can just take a six year old installation of XP and make it boot almost as fast as a regular SSD except without sacrificing storage or having to even touch the files on the hard drive: a seamless drop-in upgrade.


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