Sharkoon X-Tactic 5.1 Dolby Digital Headset Review

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Sharkoon X-Tactic 5.1 Digital Headset: My Final Thoughts

Sharkoon X-Tactic 5.1 Digital Headset Glowing

As I think you all have figured out over the last handful of reviews I have written, I am an audio freak. I really enjoy it when I can take a closer look at a really good headset. It makes games more fun to play, it makes movies a blast to watch and of course if used in the correct way it gives you a distinct advantage in game because you can hear everything around you crisp and clear. Sharkoon has done a really good job of giving gamers the upper hand against their opponents and they have gone way out of their way to do so. I still have yet to come across another headset that can be used not just on your PC but on your consoles as well. Sharkoon went the extra mile and supplied all of the connectors needed to use the X-Tactic Headset on any of the compatible devices, you do not need to go out and buy another thing to get up and running. I know you might think I am going a bit over board but it’s all in here. The optical cable and the connectors needed to hook this guy up to an Xbox360, Playstation3, and lets forgot our old friend the PC are included! They were also kind enough to include three different electrical plug types so that no matter where you are in the world you will be able to use the headset.

Sharkoon X-Tactic 5.1 Digital Headset

I really had a blast using the X-Tactic Headset and you can too for around $139.99 it really is worth it’s price tag,a s a matter of fact I would pay more for a headset of this quality, especially with a two year warranty, seems like a no brainer to me. It is great in all types of games, it’s sounds great for movies and online videos, it is completely customizable, and features Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround Pro Logic Technologies. This a full featured headset that is priced at a point where none of the headsets in it’s class can compare to it’s features and it’s included bundle, and as I have mentioned before there is alot in this bundle… just look at the pics.

Sharkoon X-Tactic 5.1 Digital Headset Mic

The Legit Bottom Line: I have reviewed some pretty high end headsets and I own a handful of them as well and the Sharkoon X-Tactic 5.1 Digital Headset truly belongs in a higher price range. If only the audio when playing music files or CD’s was better this headset would be the holy grail hands down.

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