Setting Optimal Video Game Settings: Let NVIDIA Work it Out for You

It seems that there’s a whole lot of lazy (clueless?) PC gamers out there who are too inept to tweak their gaming graphics settings in order to obtain the best performance/visual quality combination possible. This results in them running every game at default game and driver quality settings, therefore experiencing a sub-optimal gaming experience.

Into the breach steps NVIDIA! They have created a new cloud service called GeForce Experience, that analyzes your hardware, then shows you a comparison of settings when you first run a game: your defaults and what NVIDIA think is best for your hardware. You can then just accept NVIDIA’s suggestions and start playing, or accept their settings and then tweak them. Seriously though, this takes the “enthusiast” out of “PC enthusiast”. If you’re going to do this, then just get a console and be done with it.

To support the service, NVIDIA are going to invest in a team of personnel and test hardware to build and maintain a large database of hardware/software/game combinations, which sounds expensive for them to do. The beta is expected to launch in June and it’s not clear whether this will be a free service or not. The service will cover mobile devices, too.

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With the beta supposedly starting in June, this is going to demand a long-term vision and constant and vigilant updates as new games, new driver revisions and user upgrades will constantly change what the “optimal” settings will be.


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