Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Black PC Case Review

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Arvina GS-6400 Conclusion


Sentey Arvina

All in all, I liked tinkering with the Sentey Arvina. It has a good amount of room to work with along with a cable routing system that definitely does the job. Other features that stood out were six quiet LED fans that did a decent job of cooling the case and hardware inside even though they don’t spin very fast. There were a few things I just couldn’t like, though. One is that the top, side and bottom dust filters aren’t as easily accessible as the front panel filters. You need to unscrew the panels to get to them which is logical to hold the top, side, and bottom panels together to make sure they stay put, but it is an inconvenience to do if you just want to clean the filters. The hard drive cage isn’t totally secure either, which is a bit concerning especially if you loaded it up with hard drives. Then, there are the side fans. While I like the look and innovation that was used to power them, I can’t like it in the long run because if they go bad, it’s going to be a challenge to replace them the exact way Sentey had installed them. It isn’t a huge issue but, nonetheless, it is one.

As said, other than those small issues, I like the Sentey Arvina. It’s got a great look with great features. It’s also very roomy, but that is expected with a full tower case. I could be spoiled by using full towers for the last year and a half but still, I thought it was spacious. Right now, the only place online I could find to purchase the Sentey Arvina is through Amazon and eBay for about $130 and they also offer the three available colors. Oddly, it’s the only product I was able to find that Sentey offers in the US at this time. For $130 it might be a bit hard to swallow for some. For the warranty (one year) and features it offers, I’d say that’s a fair price considering they pre-routed the fan wires for you and included an integrated card reader. I also like that while there isn’t a side window, the Arvina still lets out a blue glow that isn’t too obnoxious. People who don’t like LED’s might even be attracted to this. The fan controller on top that shuts off the fans is a nice touch. It would have been nicer if it only shut the LED’s off and not the entire fan but they aren’t noisy as the fan speed is relatively low. The Sentey Arvina is an awesome case for those looking for a great look and nice features. I honestly have no problem recommending it to anyone…even to my own mother.

Legit Bottom Line: The Sentey Arvina offers great features and a great look with a spacious interior. Limited availability and for some, being priced around $130 may influence the decision.


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