Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Black PC Case Review

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Installing Parts into the Sentey Arvina


Parts Installed in the Sentey Arvina

Installing hardware into the Sentey Arvina was a nice adventure. The routing holes made it rather easy to keep the cabling tidy. Unfortunately, the front panel wires were a bit short so routing them behind the motherboard tray is kind of out of the question. I’d say it would depend on the motherboard used as some are wider than others. The four pin cable for the CPU power was barely able to reach as well, but it did without an issue.

Parts Installed in the Sentey Arvina

Here is how the Arvina looks with the side fans closed. As mentioned earlier, the holder is swung out; there will be no power going to the fans since they use a direct touch method of powering up.

Expansion Slots of the Sentey Arvina

Looking at the back of the Arvina, it’s noticeable that the tool less mechanism for the expansion slots isn’t quite up to snuff as even a 9600 GSO slid down. Whether or not that is a normal occurrence, I don’t like or believe it’s any good for the card even if the card does work still. Depending on how much you move the case, the card may not slide down, but I recommend using screws when installing your GPU’s, especially if they’re of the dual slot kind. Also worth mentioning is that the expansion slot covers are part of the case. Once removed, they are not re-usable which is a shame for a case with an asking price of $130.

Motherboard Tray View with Parts Installed in the Arvina

The Arvina does have a decent cable routing system. I was able to route nearly all of the cables out of plain view even though there isn’t a side window, but it won’t block the airflow. It is nice they included some cable ties that can be used over and over (until they break, of course). It wasn’t hard to close the panel with all the cables but it wasn’t like it was a cinch. I’m sure better routing on my part could’ve alleviated that.

Hard Drive Cage of the Sentey Arvina

The hard drives are held in place by two “swinging” nubs on the side of the enclosure. They hold rather well. Also, so no slippage occurs thankfully.

Sentey Arvina Powered up

Once everything is hooked up, the Sentey Arvina lights up nicely with the 6 LED fans going. The fans didn’t have any speed control and they seem to be running at a low speed. They do the job but don’t expect a wind storm. At least it’s not loud on the ears.

Sentey Arvina

Here’s how it looks powered on with the side panel attached.


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