Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Black PC Case Review

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Internal Impressions


Interior View of the Sentey Arvina

Once the side panels were off, I was greeted by an all black interior that is more of a flat color than glossy. Another thing that stood out was a little red tool box that carried the tools needed to mount your hardware. There is enough room for the tool box to reside there even with a power supply installed. The next thing that is noticeable are the removable hard drive mounts which have a black and red color scheme which is also featured on the tool less mechanisms on the 5.32” bays as well as the expansion slots.

Another Inside View of the Sentey Arvina with Fan Mount Open

The one thing that pops out most (literally) are the 80mm fans which swing out. They use a push/release lock so pulling on it first won’t do much other than possibly break the lock.

Hard Drive Cage of the Sentey Arvina

The hard drive cage is easily removable and holds up to five hard drives. In fact, I think it’s too easy to remove it. It does have a “lock” but it barely works. However, it does hold (unless you tip the case on its left side). I’m not sure if this was the intention of Sentey or just the review sample we received.

Side Fan Power Connector of the Sentey Arvina

The Sentey Arvina uses what I would call an innovative way to power the 80mm side fans. As you can see, they don’t exactly connect directly to the motherboard, but are powered when you shut the door when they touch the positive/negative contacts integrated into the case. I do see an issue with this, however. The wires to the fans are soldered to the PCB board which can make it a real pain should you need to replace the fans unless you have soldering skills to negate that. Granted, you could just bypass that altogether but you would lose the clean design Sentey made here.

Motherboard Tray View of the Sentey Arvina

On the other side we get a better look at the cable routing holes on the motherboard tray which is plentiful for a good wiring job. The CPU cutout is a good size — almost seems bigger than other cases. Up front, you can see more of the red and black color scheme on the hard drive mounts, which also use aluminum on the bottom of each mount. A nice added bonus is that Sentey chose to include some “reusable” cable ties, along with pre-wiring the fans together.

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