Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Black PC Case Review

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External Impressions


Front of Sentey Arvina

On front we have the five 5.25” vented drive bays, two of which are for optical drives as they flip down for aesthetics. Everything but the top two bays is vented.

Reverse Side of Front Panel on the Sentey Arvina

Flipping the front panel around we can see the air dust filters behind the bay covers that are removable for cleaning. Also shown is the card reader on top which is connected to the USB header on your motherboard.

Memory Card Reader of Sentey Arvina

Up top on the front panel resides the integrated memory card reader. The Arvina reads most of the major card formats: CF (Compact Flash)/MD (MicroDrive), SD/MMC, XD, MS/M2 (Memory Stick Micro) and TF (TransFlash, aka Micro SD). SDHC memory cards are also compatible. One thing to note is the bottom row of card ports are upside down. So when inserting your card, make sure the sticker side is down and the metal contact side is up.

PCB board of the Card Reader in the Sentey Arvina

I’m not a big fan of how this looks. Granted, it’s just fine as is, but I’ve always liked a reader being protected a bit more than this. Then again, once the panel is attached to the case it will be covered.

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