Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Black PC Case Review

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Sentey Arvina Retail Packaging

Front of Retail Packaging of the Sentey Arvina

The Sentey Arvina arrived with a plastic covering wrapped around the box but it was a bit tattered so I removed it before taking a picture. Hopefully the box and the case didn’t take too much of a beating.


Left Side of Sentey Arvina Retail Packaging

Right Side of Sentey Arvina Retail Packaging

The Sentey Arvina box took a bit of a beating during the shipping. Hopefully the case itself isn’t beat up.


Sentey Arvina Outside of the Box

Luckily it was packed nicely inside the box. Interestingly enough, instead of plastic wrapping, Sentey wrapped the Arvina in a black cloth-like material (which I thought was a nice look) along with the normal foam packaging.

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