Seasonic Power Supplies Ready for Intel’s Haswell Processor

Seasonic issued a statement this week letting their customers know that many of their power supplies are ready for Intel Haswell Processors. It appears that the Seasonic 80 PLUS Platinum and Gold series, Platinum series, X series and 80 PLUS Bronze series (M12II-650, 750 & 850W models) are ready for Haswell’s new low power draw technical requirements!

Seasonic Haswell Power Supplies

Sea Sonic Electronics congratulates Intel on the launch of the Haswell Processors. We are inspired by the continuing efforts made by Intel to push the boundaries of performance and at the same time, be environmentally conscious through reduction of energy consumption. These are the exact same attributes which have driven Sea Sonic for the past 35+ years. As we strive for industry leading performance, we continue to research the long term effects of each of our design. By continuously improving our efficiency we try to achieve maximum energy savings and by using high quality components we aim to prolong product lifetime; all to achieve long term sustainability.


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