Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage Review

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My 500 GB Apple iPad 2!

Wouldn’t it be great to watch any one of many HD videos you own while on that 1 1/2 hour subway ride?  Well now you can.  Seagate recently released the latest addition to their GoFlex line of external hard drives, the Seagate GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage system.  The key words here are “mobile” and “wireless”.

Goflex Satellite

This 500GB external HDD is more than just a shell on a 2.5″ hard drive supporting USB 3.0 connectivity and external power brick.  This drive has its own battery supply and integrated 802.11n wireless access point all in the same form factor as other external drives in the GoFlex line.

GoFlex satellite box front

Since companies like Apple release fixed configuration devices such as the iPad and iPhone Seagate saw a need for people with large libraries of multimedia beyond the maximum 64GB on the largest iPad.  Since all these modern devices support 802.11n, Seagate thought: wireless + hard drive + battery = success.

The only limit is you can only stream to 3 devices at a time and the Lithium Ion batteries provide a maximum of 5 hours of streaming.  Each of the three devices are able to watch the same or different content so it is like your own local cloud storage service.  To supplement this, Seagate provides a wall to USB power plug and 12 volt car plug to USB power so you can take the Goflex on longer trips.

To transfer files onto the GoFlex Satellite, Seagate provides a USB 3.0 connection that is ultra fast giving me over 170MB/s transfer rates.  My 650MB file took mere seconds to copy onto the Satellite.

Seagate has the GoFlex Satellite at an MSRP of $199.99 and due to this being a very new device that is the price we found it at the few retailers that currently carry the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless device.   I am sure once inventories increase we will see it avaliable in more stores.

Current Seagate GoFlex Satellite pricing:

The GoFlex Satellite comes with a 3 year warranty from Seagate.

In order to show you all the features, the interface, and set up we did this review as a HD video that you can watch below.

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