Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 4TB Desk External Drive Review

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GoFlex Desk 4TB Drive Features and Backup Software

Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk external hard drive

Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk External Hard Drive Specifications:

Model Number STAC4000100
Interface USB 3.0
Capacity 4TB
Height 158mm (6.22 in)
Width 124mm (4.88 in)
Length 44mm (1.73 in)
Weight (typical) 1080g (2.38 lb)
Shipping Weight 1.080kg (2.381 lb)
Automatic Backup Software PC & Mac
Warranty 2 years
Encryption 192-bit Triple DES

The Pre-Loaded Seagate Dashboard and Memeo Backup Software:

Seagate Dashboard Setup

All of Seagate’s FreeAgent GoFlex drives included software that helps you perform backups. The software is totally optional, but if you want to use it you can. It took under 5 minutes to install the Seagate Dashboard along with the Memeo backup program. Seagate includes Memeo Instant Backup, but you have the ability to use a trial of the premium version if you wanted to pay a little extra.

Seagate Dashboard Setup

Seagate also included a 30-day trial of Memeo Sync, which automatically syncs your files between multiple desktop PCs or laptops.

Memeo Backup Software

Once Seagate Dashboard is installed you can open it up and see the status of the drive and the one app that comes with it standard, which is Memeo Instant Backup. The Memeo Instant Backup app lets you schedule automated backups.

Memeo Backup Software

The first time you fire up the Instant Backup app it will take several minutes to scan your system and then it will tell you how much space the backup will take and how many files you have for five main categories.

Memeo Backup Software

Once the scan is complete you just need to click on the ‘start backup’ button and things will get started. If you wanted to setup automatic backups or make backups with 192-bit Triple DES encryption protection you can do so under advanced options. With 4TB of data being stored in this drive it might not be a bad idea to give yourself and your data an extra layer of protection.

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