Seagate 1TB Back Up Plus USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive Review

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Final Thoughts of the Seagate 1TB Back Up Plus Portable HDD

The Seagate 1TB Back Up Plus portable HDD is a great performing, small form, easy to use portable storage device that can meet or exceed the needs of whatever we may need a portable storage device for. And, Seagate expands the capabilities of this portable storage drive even farther by allowing us to upload our files to our favorite social media networks, to our person cloud based storage server, or we can easily back up our precious pictures and or videos from Facebook, and flickr saving us a lot of time from having to individually download each and every one of those files.

Seagate Back Up Plus

The only real complaint I have with the use of this portable storage device from Seagate is the rather short USB 3.0 interconnect cable. While I used this with my laptop computer I had no issues, but when I used this on my larger main desktop computer and used the front USB 3.0 ports on the front of the chassis, this portable HDD would dangle about four or so inches off the table. I just felt that Seagate could have included a longer USB 3.0 interconnect cable to prevent this dangling from my main desktop computer. I just want to state this is more of a personal user preference and may or may not coincide with your personal tastes; this minor issue did not harm the overall rating of the Seagate 1TB Back up Plus portable HDD.

Seagate Back Up Plus

Looking on the internet for a current pricing for the Seagate 1TB Back Up Plus portable HDD I can see this can be purchased for $99.99 USD with free shipping and handling, also that Seagate gives this portable HDD a 2 year parts and labor warranty. Considering the cost of this portable HDD and the small size and its performance, I will have to say this is more than a fair price to pay for this portable HDD that can go anywhere, be put anywhere, and be used on just about anything in our daily portable hectic lives.

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Legit Bottom Line:

The Seagate 1TB Back Up Plus portable HDD exceeded my expectations of what a portable HDD should be able to do.

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