Scythe Not Actually Shutting Down, Restructuring Instead

Well, this is interesting. Yesterday, we reported Scythe’s CEO Masahiro Sakai as saying on the Scythe US site that Scythe was shutting down all operations for unspecified reasons. However, it appears that this statement was misleading. The home page has now been updated, with the company “correcting” Sakai’s announcement, explaining what’s really happening. Scythe is apparently just restructuring, not shutting down, which will be a relief to enthusiasts everywhere. Scythe explained it like so:

“Japanese manufacturer Scythe is hereby providing an official statement in regards to the closure of the US branch. Scythe US branch was managed separately from the Scythe Group. As the company which holds the stock of the US office had to close and will undergo restructuring, the Scythe US office inevitably had to close its doors, too. However, the other Scythe offices around the world are not influenced, due to Scythe Group’s head quarter in Japan being a separate company, and will continue business as usual.”


Instead, a new office or a contract main distributor will be set up in the near future, “We plan to either open a new branch office in the US, or contract a main distributor in the near future. For the mean time, Scythe Taiwan sales office will take care of our US channels. Due to the Scythe Group structure, luckily there is no influence on any other Scythe offices.”


With an apparent gaff of such embarrassingly epic proportions, one wonders if Sakai will be the one who permanently shuts down from Scythe…

We have taken a screenshot of the updated website and linked to it below.

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