Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 2GB Vapor-X Video Card Review

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Overclocking and Power Consumption

Sapphire 4890 2GB Vapor X Over Clocked

I was very excited when it finally came time to over clock the 4890 2GB Vapor X. With a cooler that already keeps the card below 65C and does so without being heard, I knew I was in for some good results. It also helps that the 4890 is well known to be a monster when it comes to over clocking!

On a tight timeline, I chose to simply use ATI Overdrive in the CATALYST Control Center. With some quick testing, I was able to reach 985MHz on the GPU and 1075MHz on the memory! This is a huge jump of 110MHz on the core and 25MHz on the memory.

Power Consumption

Sapphire 4890 2GB Vapor X

With the CPU overclocked we were using a bit more power at idle than would be used at stock settings. The 4890 has a few tweaks over the 4870 so we see the idle power is down. Under load, however, it’s a different story. Let’s face it, being based on the same architecture and manufacturing process these results are expected; the better a card performs also means that it will almost always consume more power.

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