Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 Video Card Review

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Sapphire HD4850x2

Folding@Home is a distributed computing client program that uses your free CPU/GPU cycles to help understand how proteins are assembled, or folded. The project is put on by Stanford University whose goal is to find out how proteins assemble themselves and why they sometimes misfold. This misfolding is related to many serious diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

By donating your spare CPU/GPU cycles to the Folding team, you are pitching in to help find out how this process works and eventually to find a cure. Not only will you be doing a good deed for humanity but you will enjoy participating in our team and promoting the healthy competition among team members to produce the most work units of our group. Visit the Folding Forum to find out more about Folding@Home and how to join Team 38296 Legit Reviews.

The first work unit that we pulled from the Assignment Server was a P4743. This set of projects is assigned to the ATI GPU2 core. We’re studying the villin headpiece sub domain, the lambda repressor monomer, and WW domain fip35. Each of these is commonly studied in experiments probing protein folding; simulating these molecules using GPU2 not only helps us to test the ATI core but allows us to better understand published experimental results. This unit is valued at 548 points.

[03:54:36] Completed 30%
[03:56:37] Completed 31%
[03:58:39] Completed 32%
[04:00:40] Completed 33%
[04:02:41] Completed 34%
[04:04:42] Completed 35%
[04:06:43] Completed 36%
[04:08:44] Completed 37%
[04:10:45] Completed 38%
[04:12:47] Completed 39%
[04:14:48] Completed 40%

At stock clock speeds of 625MHz Core and 993MHz Memory, the Sapphire HD 4850 X2 was able to finish each step (%) of the unit in 2 minutes, 1 second at a value of 3897 points per day.

[07:36:44] Completed 80%
[07:38:34] Completed 81%
[07:40:24] Completed 82%
[07:42:14] Completed 83%
[07:44:04] Completed 84%
[07:45:54] Completed 85%
[07:46:44] Completed 86%
[07:47:34] Completed 87%
[07:48:24] Completed 88%
[07:49:14] Completed 89%
[07:50:04] Completed 90%

When we pushed the clocks to 700MHz Core and 1200MHz Memory, we saw the time per step drop to 1 minute 50 seconds.  This pushed the productivity on the P4743 Work Unit to 4291ppd.

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