Sapphire Announces Radeon HD 7730 1GB GDDR5 and 7730 2GB DDR3 Video Cards

SAPPHIRE Technology has just introduced two new models to their Radeon HD 7700 series of graphics cards delivering an even more affordable choice of graphics cards based on the revolutionary new graphics GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture from AMD. The new Sapphire Radeon HD 7730 1GB and Radeon HD 7730 2GB GPUs have an optimised internal structure sharing many of the features of the higher performance models in the HD 7000 series but with just 384 Stream Processors. This means the card has fewer stream processors than the other Radeon HD 7700 series cards. For example the AMD Radeon HD 7750 has 512 stream processors and the AMD Radeon HD 7770 has 640 stream processors. 


Two models of the HD 7730 are being introduced by SAPPHIRE at launch. Both models have 384 Stream Processors and core clock speeds of 800MHz. The SAPPHIRE HD 7730 1GB model is loaded with 1GB of the latest DDR5 memory with an effective memory clock speed of 4500MHz. The HD 7730 2GB model has 2GB of DDR3 memory wih an effective clock speed of 1800MHz. Both models have the output configuration of DVI, HDMI and VGA, and can support simultaneous display on two monitors. They also look identical, so that is why we are just showing you the one image!

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