Samsung Launches New NFC Tags – TecTiles 2

Starting today, Samsung customers can take advantage of TecTiles 2, the next generation of Samsung’s original TecTile NFC programmable tags launched last summer. Fully compatible with all Samsung NFC-enabled smartphones, including the Galaxy S 4, TecTiles 2 and the new TecTile mobile app allow users to simplify smartphone actions and connect to the world around them using NFC technology. TecTile 2 programmable NFC tags are available at beginning today for $14.99 for a 5-pack sleeve and will be at other retailers nationwide in June.


Samsung TecTiles 2 are the next generation and evolution of TecTiles, programmable NFC sticker tags that allow users to automate everyday functions of a smartphone through a single tap. TecTiles 2, paired with the new Samsung TecTile app, allow consumers to program the tag for various functions, including sending text messages, silencing the phone when entering a meeting, playing a specific song and dimming the display before going to bed.


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