Samsung Laughs: Apple’s Massive Lawsuit Win & iPhone 5 Launch Spur Sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S3!

When Apple decisively won their $1b patent lawsuit against Samsung on August 24, it appeared to be a bleak day for their rival. Not so, however: it turns out that the lawsuit win became an excellent sales machine for Samsung, which got it in the minds of potential customers that the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 are similarly capable, hence resulting in significant Galaxy S3 sales growth! This caused sales of the Galaxy S3 to spike from an 8% compound increase, to double that at 16%.

There was even more sales goodness for Samsung when the announcement of the iPhone 5 on September 12 caused a second 15% spike in compound sales increase. These two sales spikes equate to an average weekly growth of 9%, which represent very healthy sales of Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook must surely be very unhappy at such an outcome, which could possibly be the reason that iPhone 5 sales ended up lower than expected, with Apple shares taking a subsequent hit.

Apple and Samsung have since extended their lawsuits against each other to include the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, so of course, if Apple prevail again, it could all potentially come crashing down around Samsung’s head. However, given the shaky verdict due to the crucial prior art evidence that was skipped, a likely successful appeal by Samsung and the length of time that these major trials take, we somehow doubt that Samsung will lose out.

Note that the average week-over-week growth of 9% means that every week 9% more Galaxy S3 handsets were added than the week before. This also means that the growth effects are cumulative, so while the Samsung device’s weekly new device growth slowed some weeks, it is still adding handsets at a remarkable rate.


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