Samsung Galaxy S4 Release to be Delayed Past Q2 2013?

It appears that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone won’t meet its proposed release date of Q2 2013 – which has nothing to do with Apple stifling competition with its dodgy patent lawsuits. It looks like that rumored fancy 4.99″ 441 DPI 1920×1080 AMOLED display that we reported on earlier this month is unfortunately hitting production problems.

Sources are saying that the problem stems from Samsung Display (SD) doesn’t have the process technology in place yet to manufacture these in mass market quantities. The problem being that it’s difficult to get the AMOLED material deposited on the glass due to issues with its evaporation process technology, especially the blue colour.

SD is reportedly seeking more advanced LITI technology from 3M that will enable OLED materials to be printed on glass more smoothly. However, the sources added that SD is still having issues with that technology, particularly with blue-colored materials, causing delays in the mass production stage.


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