Samsung Galaxy Note II 16GB Smartphone Review – AT&T 4G LTE

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Galaxy Note II Camera Testing

The Samsung Galaxy Note II uses an 8 megapixel rear facing camera, so we wanted to check it out.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Camera

We fired up the camera and the user interface is pretty straight forward and familiar. You have the ability to switch between pictures and videos with the slider on the right and you have all your usual buttons for the flash, effects and settings on the left side.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Camera

We went into the effects menu and found that you have a number of shooting modes to pick from.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Camera

When it comes to shooting modes you have single shot along with best photo, best face, face detection, panorama, share shot, HDR, beauty, smile shot and low light.

Pantech Element Camera

The 8-megapixel camera
facing out the back takes large 3264 x 2448 images and is said to have a zero-lag shutter. This is a crop of an image of the flag that flies locally. Even though it was blowing in the wind it looks crisp and without bad blurring.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The wide variety of colors on these flower posts caught our attention so we snapped this picture on auto. Everything came out crisp and focused.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Camera

Taking a picture through a wire fence is tough on camera sensors, but the Note II was able to do a fair job of this 2013 Mustang GT 5.0 convertible! 

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