Samsung 8GB 30nm DDR3 1600MHz Memory Kit Review

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Overclocking Fun!

Most of you who have heard about this memory kit probably already know that it is highly regarded as some of the better overclocking DDR3 RAM on the market right now. Today I plan to see just how far I can take this DDR3 kit and see what kind of performance gains we get when it’s overclocked.

Samsung 8GB DDR3 Stock Voltage Overclock
Since I know some of you won’t want to give this sticks that much voltage, I decided to see how far I could take this sticks on their stock 1.35v. As you can see above I was able to not only get an impressive frequency increase to 1866 MHz, but I was also able to drop the timings from 11-11-11-27 down to 10-10-10-24! With just 1.35v this is extremely impressive, but it was all we could get and now we needed to increase the voltage to overclock the kit further.

I started off slowly with the stock timings, but changed the memory voltage to 1.5v as I just wanted to ensure system stability. Everything checked out and I knew there was more potential left in these sticks. I went back into my UEFI BIOS and changed my memory strap and set the sticks to 2133 MHz at stock timings. With these settings, the system was able to post but not maintain stability. I went back into my UEFI BIOS once again and bumped my voltage up to 1.65, knowing that this is the maximum safe voltage for my Intel Core i5 2500K ‘Sandy Bridge’ CPU. Once back in Windows the system passed my stability tests but I wasn’t done just yet. I went back into my UEFI BIOS one last time just to tighten my timings.

Samsung MV-3V4G3D/US Max Overclock

These are my final settings I was able to get stable. Using 1.65v I was able to get 2133MHz stable with timings of 10-10-10-24 1t. For a memory kit that falls into such a low price range, I think this is more than acceptable. We were able to achieve a 33% or 533MHz overclock on pure frequency, as well as being able to achieve tighter timings at the same time!

Samsung MV-3V4G3D/US AIDA64 Overclocked Results

When we loaded AIDA64 back up, we can see just how much of a performance gain we got out of these sticks when they were overclocked. We can see that all of our results scaled very well with our overclock. Our copy speeds were 12% faster, our write speeds were 6% faster and our read speeds were an astonishing 40% faster!

Samsung MV-3V4G3D/US Sandra Bandwidth Overclock Results

In our Sandra bandwidth test we were able to see a gain of 34% over our stock settings! This is very impressive, as we can see that our scores scaled excellently with our overclock.

Samsung MV-3V4G3D/US Sandra Latency Overclock Results
When we overclocked our Samsung memory kit and reduced our timings down to 10-10-10-24 we were able to see an impressive drop in latency. To be exact it was 29% lower with our overclocked settings.
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