RunCore Releases Massive 1TB 3.5-inch SATA III SSD w/ RAID

RunCore SSD has announced a 3.5-inch SSD that is available with large storage capacities of up to 1TB! This 3.5″ SSD isn’t built for just capacity though as it also supports the latest SATA III 6 GB interface that allows for file transfers of over 500MB/s thanks to having two SandForce SF-1222 controllers being used together in RAID 0 with a ton of MLC NAND Flash chips! This product will be shown at CeBit 2011 in March 2011. RunCore declined to comment on pricing when we talked to them.

Samsung Green DDR3 DRAM

If you open the casing of the SSD, you could see that the “content” of the SSD is quite “substantial”. Large size of PCB, both sides covered with flash chips, and symmetrically divided into two groups. Each flash group has a Sandforce controller, which is equivalent of two Sandforce 1200 single drive. The read and write performance of each drive can be respectively reach 285MB and 275MB. These two groups of flash chips are connected to co-work by a RAID chip which is located in between.

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