RunCore Launches InVincible SSD w/ Self-Destruct Feature – Video Shows Smoke!

Last month we told you that RunCore will be releasing an SSD that self-destructs and it looks like that drive has finally come to market. The drive is called the RunCore InVincible Solid State Drive and allows you to control the total physical destruction of your data with with a single click. RunCore posted up a video showing the data detruction and there was a small plume of smoke that came from the SSD when the drive was killed by blowing up the NAND Flash by over-volting it! If you are worried about your data and want to destroy it quickly, this might be one way to do it!

A less subtle method is the physical destruction of your SSD by applying an over-current to the NAND flash memory and thereby physically destroying these. The RunCore InVincible product series is catering to embedded computer systems requiring high-speed serial switched fabric interconnects for rugged design implementation and more flexible power ranges. Delivering optimized storage options particularly in mission-critical fields such aerospace, defense and general industrial applications.


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