Rumor: Specs of Future Surface Tablets Leaked

Specifications of future Microsoft Surface tablets have been leaked by well known Microsoft leaker MS_nerd on Twitter. Here’s the leak, all from a single tweat:


  • There will be a Surface RT 2 that uses an 8.6-inch display and will have a Qualcomm chipset, as opposed to the NVIDIA Tegra chip used in the current Surface RT
  • The Surface Pro will be updated to an 11.6-inch display, and will ditch the Intel Core i5 CPU for an upcoming and yet-to-be-released AMD “Temash” APU
  • There will be a third Surface called the “Surface Book” that has a 14.6-inch display, and an Intel 22nm “Haswell” chip


There’s a few interesting things there. The Surface RT and upcoming Surface Pro tablets both have 10.6″ screens. Now, Microsoft wants to release more versions, the RT 2 with a smaller 8.6″ screen, a bigger Pro version with an 11.6″ screen and a bigger still version called the Surface Book with a 14.6″ screen.


Also, they will apparently ditch Intel for AMD for the Surface Pro. Given AMD’s current situation with x86, this seems surprising and not all that likely. Speculation around the internet pegs release sometime after Q2 2013 for these products. Meanwhile this is all rumor from an unconfirmed source, so it’s best to look at this skeptically until confirmation of these details surface (sorry).


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