Rumor: Samsung to Use New Pixel Matrix Style for Upcoming Galaxy S4

Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3 uses an HD PenTile AMOLED display. This doesn’t have a full RGB matrix, causing the rough edges seen below, or a bright fringe around fine lines, which really bothers some people. Now, in an effort to increase pixel density in order to support a 1920 x 1080 resolution for its upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone, rumored for release on April 22, Samsung will use a different arrangement of display elements that make up the pixels, due to the difficulty of creating high density AMOLED displays.

PenTile v RGB pixel matrix

Instead of the usual square pixels, the S4’s 4.99 inch screen is rumored tol feature hexagonal or perhaps diamond shaped pixels, built on the LITI (laser-induced thermal imaging) process. This would allow higher pixel densities than the current state of the art 441ppi available on phones such as the Droid DNA or Xperia Z. Note that a diamond pixel arrangement could also suffer from the same roughness problem as PenTile, but as the resolution would be rather higher and hence the pixels smaller, the effect would be minimised. We won’t know until reviewers get there hands on the S4. Looking forward to it!


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