Rumor: Samsung to Introduce a 4.99 Inch Full HD AMOLED Display at CES 2013

Rumors suggest that Samsung is to introduce a stunning new 4.99″ 1920×1080 (Full HD) display based on AMOLED technology at CES 2013 in Vegas. Apparently, they switched from using LCD technology, because production would have been too difficult. The display will have 441 Pixels Per Inch (PPI) making the pixels too small to see for all except for perhaps those with the very sharpest of vision. In fact, this display will have one PPI more than the new Droid DNA smartphone with Full HD 5″ display.

A couple of big advantages of AMOLED over LCD are perfect viewing angles all round and no issues with motion blur, which make devices based on it much more capable for playing fast games on – and today’s mobile devices certainly run games like these.

An official from Samsung Display said: “it has more than 100 pixels per inch more than the Apple iPhone’s 326 ppi stretched beyond the limits of the human eye level”.


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