Rumor Points to Slashed iPhone Prices Amid Soft Demand

A new rumor is making the rounds that claims Apple is set to do something about the sagging sales of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models. Sales of these devices over the Christmas shopping season were soft according to reports and much of the blame is placed at the feet of the high prices Apple is demanding for the smartphones. According to the rumor, a price cut is imminent reports PhoneArena.

The iPhone X is said t be underperforming in several key markets for Apple, including the US, Taiwan, and Singapore. There is no word on how much the price cut may be or even if the rumor has any weight to it at this point.

Some think that a $50 price cut would make the iPhone X more appealing, but I don’t see that happening. $950 or $1000, the device is just too expensive for most to consider. I’m rather glad the device is not selling well, had the $1000 smartphone been a hit you can bet that would be the new standard price for all high-end smartphones.

Perhaps the slow sales will force smartphone makers to see people won’t pay anything they ask for a new device. Some rumors point to a price cut for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well. The expected timeframe for the reduction is spring of 2018, assuming there is any merit to this rumor at all.