Rumor: NVIDIA Working on Next Gen Kepler GK208 GPU

It looks like NVIDIA are working on the next generation Kepler GPU. According to a social website profile, an intern at NVIDIA was working on a GK208 GPU during his time there between June and September, as can be seen in his/her experience profile. While it could just be a typo, it might well not be, since GPU development can begin years before release, especially the way GPU complexity has been rising in the last few years.

The intern’s identity has not been revealed, to avoid embarrassment at possibly having unintentionally leaked sensitive information. There’s not much more to add at this point except that this would be a low end next gen GPU. Anything more would be speculation, so we’ll leave it at that.

Long story short, this information causes a lot of confusion. We were all convinced that the next flagship GPU of GeForce 700 Series would be GK110 or GK114. If the GK208 really exists then the whole line-up should consist of GK2xx silicones. This however doesn’t stop us from speculating. We can assume that NVIDIA might somehow modify the GK110 for consumer and rename it to GK114, GK204, GK210 or GK214.

Our sources told us that the upcoming flagship of GeForce 700 series — GeForce GTX 780 — would feature between 1728 and 2112 CUDA cores. If we assume that the GK208 would be an entry-level GPU then it could likely power the GeForce GT 740 or GTX 750. If the 192 CUDA cores SMX architecture would not be changed, then GeForce GT 740/750 might be packed with 576 cores (3*192).


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