Rumor: NVIDIA To Recall All Kepler 600-Series Cards Due To Fatal Hardware Flaw?

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported this situation. We would like to apologize to NVIDIA and any of our readers that were mislead or misinformed. Below is the updated news post.

Is there a fatal hardware flaw in all NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670/680/690 ‘Kepler’ graphics cards? There have been rumors coming from various sites today that something might be going on. A site called says they have have information from from TSMC that says the “chips may be suffering from serious performance degradation over long periods of heavy load”, therefore, NVIDIA may be recalling all of their Kepler cards due to this issue.

We have never heard of Patrick Nosker or before and this story sounds a bit off as how would he be getting inside information before larger publications? The site later reports that this is their first time ever citing a source and that they don’t even have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics card. It doesn’t sound like this source has any merit. We have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690, GTX 680 and GTX 670 video cards here running on our test machines 24/7 for longer than a month and have had no failures.

NVIDIA was asked if they were having any Kepler issues and they denied that they will be recalling any cards over a hardware issue. NVIDIA’s Bryan Del Rizzo stated that “There is no truth to this”. Case closed


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