Rumor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 Video Card Coming in September

Videocardz is reporting that NVIDIA will announce the GeForce GTX 880 video card that is powered the GM204 Mawell GPU sometime next month! No exact date was given, but they site believes that the launch will happen in the middle of September and that NVIDIA is planning a big event for press members as well. The site doesn’t know the exact specifications of the card, but they think that the GeForce GTX 880 will have 4GB of GDDR5 memory running on a 256-bit bus and that there might even be some 8GB cards floating around. No word on how many CUDA cores the Maxwell powered card will have though, but we are sure that information there will start leaking out shortly. When it comes to pricing the site thinks that the price will be between $400-$450.


  • Stop breaking promises

    Dear CEO of Nvidia
    You are resigining in less than 1 hour as soon as possible. Resign Nvidia CEO now, you are fired because you want to produce GK204 20nm Kepler Dieshrink which is waste of time and money.
    Wasting your time on dieshrinks, you are fired for seeing the future in more rebrands and dieshrinks.
    Stop it nvidia, I hate what you were doing.
    You cancelled GM100-106 GPU architecture for 2014 for rebrands and dieshrinks 2014
    Nvidia, You want to build another Kepler dieshrink for newer 2015 thinner and powerful laptops. This is causing best buy to close their retail stores everywhere.
    Nvidia CEO is gone for the good.
    Your are not supposed to break your promises outlined in your GPU roadmap because you had to pay more money to cancel new GPU microarchitectures.
    It’s only a dieshrink, stop Nvidia Now, you are done with me.
    I would build a new GPU if you break promises on people who want powerful graphics on their thin and powerful ultrabooks.
    You must resign now
    Resign now
    Resign now

    • Laststop311

      Where do you see nvidia making 20nm kepler. Doubt that is true. They will need every single 20nm wafer they can get their hands on to supply demand for maxwell. They are not going to constrain their supply of a new highly in demand architecture they can sell for higher profit margins just to make a more power efficient kepler. 99% of gamers will want a maxwell card, no 1 wants to buy last years tech.

  • Terry Perry

    WHY.. if for the price beats a 780 then NO one will buy the 770 or 780 so it will have to be in between the 2 others. Like I said WHY would they KILL those sells. GREED

    • Laststop311

      When full gk104 was first released the gtx 680 they charged 500 for it. If they do that again it will basically be the same price as the gtx 780. At the very best gtx 880 is only going to average 10-15% better than gtx 780 since it’s large gk110 vs smaller gm204.

      Then we all know when the big gm210 chip comes out as gtx 980 and the gtx 970 is the same as the gtx 880 with maybe faster memory like the gtx 770 but the price will only be 350. Then you get mad you paid 500 for something that went to 350. The gtx 800 gpu’s are still stuck on 28nm anyways. You should only be buying a gtx 800 gpu if your current gpu physically malfunctions. 20nm will bring about an even better performance/watt ratio and the gtx 970 will be the same as the gtx 880 but it will be 150 dollars cheaper and be made on 20nm. So if you have your eye on the gtx 880 and are happy with gm204 hold out get a more advanced 20nm version for less money in fall 2015 or even better take the 500 you were gonna spend on a 28nm gtx 880 gm204 and put that 500 onto gtx 980 and 20nm gm210

      This gtx 800 series is a lackluster release. It’s a stopgap measure while the delayed 20nm process gets figured out. The gtx 900 series is the real release. they will use less power vs 28nm therefore producing less heat thus producing lower fan speeds in turn making the gpu quieter. Faster, quieter, cooler, and cheaper as far as gtx 880 vs gtx 970

  • GG Nvidia

    The massively over hype whale known as Maxwell 880 is over.
    Now it’s official. GTX 880 confirm weak.
    No chance weak 880 is faster than 708 Ti.

    • Garrett Miller

      Can I see the source for that claim?

      • Rich

        Watch out man, the AMD Fanboys are here.

        • Laststop311

          He’s not a fanboy the gtx 880 is Maxwell GM204. It’s the replacement for kepler GK 104 aka the gtx680/gtx770, The GTX 880 will be faster than the gtx 770. It should be very close in performance to the gtx 780 maybe slightly faster or equal. The gtx 780ti will still retain the lead most likely. gtx 780ti is fully enabled gk110 which is nvidias biggest chip. maxwell gm210 is still another year away. GM210 is what maxwell titan would be as well.

          The added benefit of waiting next year for maxwell gm210 is not only is it their big daddy chip it will be on 20nm by then too. gm210 has rumors of a 512 bit memory bus which will be good for 4k

        • Shawn Robeck

          880 is my max price, so you telling me to wait for the next 980ti or 1080ti 1 year later at a much higher price point, is pretty ignorant for my budget, unless your paying. If yes, you can be my bff.

        • Laststop311

          well the gtx 780 is the big gk110 and it’s not that much more expensive than a full gk 104 gtx 770. MSI n780 gaming is 480 dollars. It’s one of the cheapest gtx 780’s and it also is in the top 3 quietest of all air cooled gtx 780’s. The gtx 770 version is 150 dollars cheaper.

          I’m sure next year the gtx 980/gtx 970 will have a similar 150 dollar price difference. If the 150 dollar difference really prevents you there are easy ways to save an extra 150 dollars. Eat cheaper meals for awhile or skip going out with ur buddies a few times and you will have the 150 you need.

          gm210 will totally be worth the extra 150 over the smaller chip. The ti version i do agree will be way too expensive like 300 dollars more than a full gm204. Just make a few sacrifices cause moving up to the bigger chip for an extra 150 is a large gain in performance for 150 dollars.

        • Shawn Robeck

          The problem here is your making all assumptions on pricing and release dates that NVidia has not announced. Very, very speculative. You sound pretty knowledge in the gpu area, and maybe you do have decent ballpark figures, but idk, still a lot of assumptions being made with the 900-series. (Just like how you assumed I eat out or do so with buddies to some degree of frequency. I have a wife and 2 kids, so that rarely happens. :p. But I get your point, you can always cut corners somewhere.) You know?

        • Laststop311

          Well I’m basically making the assumption that nvidia is going to do the same thing the did with the gtx 680 and then next year turning the gtx 680 into gtx 770. Releasing the gtx 880 at the same price as gtx 680 was released and then bumping the price down the same the next year and making the gtx 980 the same price as gtx 780, I feel like its a pretty safe guess.

  • Clinton Elmore

    Please let there be double the cuda cores with 8gb of ram. I render a lot of video.

    • bnjohanson

      4gb of ram… most.

    • Laststop311

      you cant really expect the small gm204 to double the cores of big daddy gk110. You also can’t expect 8GB on the smaller gm204. Rumors point to 4GB which should be more then enough for everyone except maybe 4k UHD with special modded high res textures. I render a lot of video too. I don’t think adding more gpu ram is really going to make the encoding any faster. I render off my hex core i7-980x tho. I have a sapphire toxic edition (their fastest one of this card) 2GB radeon 5870 I’ve got it running at 995Mhz core clock 5120Mhz memory clock. Even tho i’m so many generations behind im waiting for 20nm gtx 900 series. When I upgraded from a reference 1GB vanilla radeon 5870 (850mhz core 4800mhz memory) my rendering time did not change even tho my gpu gained an extra GB and lots more speed.